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I've been a fan of pianist Geoffrey Keezer almost since I started getting into Jazz. I will never forget seeing him live for the first time at the Blue Note in NY with the Ray Brown trio. It was 2 nights, featuring Dee Dee Bridgewater and Diana Krall. Somehow I ended up sitting at a table with Milt Jackson and Bob Cranshaw. I was thrilled when I was asked to play on this show with him and drum master Montez Coleman. Check it out:

Here's a show that I still can't believe I got to do with Brazilian Masters Helio Alves, Romero Lubambo, and Edu Riberio!: 

Here's a clip with great saxophonist Adam Larson and Montez Coleman at the Kranzberg Arts Center:

I've been playing with the Adam Maness trio for a few years now regularly and it's been great to build up a really cool thing with these incredible musicians. Here's something from the Jazz at the Bistro from a tribute show to Thelonious Monk:

My 15 minutes of JRossTV fame:

Here's a recent composition I did for "The Sound of Saint Louis Jazz Compilation Vol.1" 

Bob DeBoo composition: "moochieface" 

...featuring Kendrick Smith (sax), Demarius Hicks (drums)

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