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   I grew up in Fort Worth, Texas in the 80s and 90s. In junior high I began studying drums and playing in the Leonard Music Institute after school program, which was a huge influence on me. There I learned about theory and sight-reading, as well as a beginning understanding of jazz music. I 'evolved' to the electric bass eventually and quickly grew in awe of Jaco Pastorius, Marcus Miller, and Stanley Clark. After a few years of studying electric bass my teacher let me borrow Ornette Coleman's "Shape of Jazz to Come". This album had a huge impact on me and it clicked in my head that this is what jazz IS. Charlie Haden's playing on that album is the main reason I started playing upright bass.
    While actively playing around the Dallas/Fort Worth area I moved out to Denton to study at the well-known music institution, the University of North Texas. There I had the honor of studying with Lynn Seaton and Jeff Bradetich. Eventually I decided to move to New York to study at the New School in Manhattan, at the encouragement of Frank LoCrasto...who helped me get into the program. (Thanks again Frank!) At the New School I got my butt kicked thoroughly, but was lucky enough to get to play with great musicians regularly. I was blessed to study with such amazing people as Reggie Workman, Dennis Irwin, Cameron Brown, Ben Street, Michael Moore, and Johannes Weidenmuller. 
     Eventually I moved to Saint Louis, MO to begin a family with my amazing wife. Here I have met so many great musicians and grown exponentially. I currently play and teach often as well as enjoy time with my beautiful daughter Sophia and amazing wife Beth.